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Lora Newsome
I waited over 45 minutes on a carry out order. Got the order. Was in a hurry. Left order was completely wrong. The item i was told they had to wait for wasn't even in the order. Tried calling phone straight to voicemail.
Scott P Murr
Trying to buy a gift card, but I am out of town. How can I go about this and have the cards mailed or shipped to me??
Made reservation for 18 people a month ago for our company Christmas party for 6pm. Arrived last night at 5:45 our entire party was there by 6. They said it would be another 15mins. At 7pm we were seated but only after we were told that they were going to split us up at two differant tables. We told them that this was unexceptable. The female manager even grabbed my wife's arm and squeezed it trying to explain their mistake inwhich hurt my wife's arm! I didn't wittness this at this time but if I had I'm sure the police would have been called on me. So to sum this up beware on making reservations at this place because they have no idea what this means. Carpets were worn and dirty, chef wasn't very intertaining and my rare steak was well done. We'll never be back nor recommend this place to anyone.

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