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Tim frodhe
We probably spent $400 or more on a meal for my grandson‘s birthday. When I asked the waitress if he got a free dessert for his birthday they asked for a birth certificate. Who in the hell carries a purse certificate with them. What a poor poor excuse for not offering a birthday dessert for a 10-year-old boy celebrating his birthday. The food was OK at best . I will not be back just for the reason that I explained on the birth certificate. You need to do management if that is what you were expecting out of a customer
Aaron Smith
I order online and received but I ordered soups and got nothing but broth in both of them and I was really disappointed with that cause I really wanted it
Hanna Hodnett
Hello, I have previously eaten at your Columbus establishment many times and it’s one of my favorites. I had a long busy day so I ordered delivery. This was the worst food I’ve had and I’m very disappointed. I got terryaki tofu and it was so mushy and slimy I couldn’t eat it. It also had wayyy too many onions. My mom got teriyaki chicken and it was very dry. I also got spicy tuna rolls that were warm to the touch. Something that should of been cold. They were also dry. The only saving grace was the spring rolls and dumplings

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