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MELANIE J Bartlett
We usually go every Thursday or Friday night. This Friday I decided too surprise my niece and take her. It was the WORST experience I have ever had first I got over charged and I told the server and she didnt fix it. Our guy was not even funny and didnt even joke around at all. WE NEVER got refills after we asked. I spent over 100 took a couple bites of our food which wasnt the greatest either and left very upsetting since usually we come every week. But now probably wont be back
Christi Corya-York
We love the restuarant! Great food and atmosphere! Do you do gift certificates?
Kristina High
I am the Ambassador of North Central Indiana in Ainsley's Angels of America. We are a 501 (c) (3) non profit that promotes inclusion by providing opportunities for those with special needs to participate in endurance events. We are having a Chili Cook Off/Basket Auction on 2/15/20. We are seeking gift cards to place in the baskets for auction. Do you have a donation program? Please check out our website for more information, or contact me with questions. Thanks for your consideration.

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