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I just picked up a to go order and it’s missing the crab Rangoon. When I tried to call the restaurant, no one would answer my call.
Taylor Schrink
The Republic sympathizes with servers and the food industry as we are all going through this tough time. We have tossed ideas back and forth on what we can do and how we can help. Realizing that you can only do carryout, we have decided to do a Community Carryout page. The focus will be on the food industry and what businesses will be open to a carryout menu. Benefits to this is that more people will be at home reading the paper and e-edition, and seeing these ads. Also noting that people will more than likely be flooding you with calls,this may eliminate some of those extra "Are you doing carryout?" calls. We are offering three 2x3 ads for $100.00, Buy two, get the third free, or they are $50 each. These ads are running this Saturday, March 21st, Monday, March 23rd, and Wednesday, March 25th. NO SEO charge! This is basically a "Hey we`re open!" ad. You could also promote your gift card sales as well. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in.

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