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Seth Sun
Could you email me as soon as possible? There is wrong credit card pay. Oct 23 12:31 PM in Columbus, My table is C4 EDC ID is 620666389 , server made a mistake to use my card to pay table C2. He said this was canceled, and also gave me the "void" receipt. But I found it still in my bill. Bank said it already paid.
Kathleen Cherry
Hello, I love your Ginger salad dressing. Could you please tell me the nutritional information on that? If not, the ingredients so I can plug it in to my Weight Watchers app? Thanks so much!!!! Kathy Cherry
Jessica Muncy
Food is always excellent. Steven is always courteous and professional.. Two items that could use improvements is the carpet is really filthy and the men and women need their hair put up. They don't realize how much they touch and flip their hair right where the cook is doing the sushi. Just ideas for improvement. Thank you.

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