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James Lannan
We ordered two take dinners online. We were very disappointed with the results. We ordered Hibachi Shrimp with fried rice and a Bento box with salmon. Instead of fried rice with the Hibachi shrimp we received noodles and there were no vegetables, just noodles and shrimp. The Bento box was missing the California roll that the menu said was included and the tempura vegetables were barely warm and greasy. The soup and salad provided were as unappetizing as the rest of the meal. A truly memorable take-out meal for all the wrong reasons.
Linda Elmerick
We were really disappointed in our meal this evening. My husband and I ordered two hibachi seafood dinners to go by phone. When he opened his salad he assumed there was no salad dressing in it so he went to the refrigerator and put our dressing on the. salad.. Come to find out the salad was on top of the dressing. It was buried in the bottom. . There was no rice with his order at all. I ordered the stir fried rice which I received but he just likes the white rice. It was just a very disappointing dinner with no rice. Please make sure the staff makes sure the orders are correct before sending them out. I realize your restaurant was very busy but with this virus I would think you still have a lot of carry out orders.
Savannah Skinner
Food is always amazing whenever I go

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