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We took our daughter and granddaughter to Taku Kokomo today for a “lift our spirits” day only to be disappointed. The cost was high and the quality was not so good. I had the shrimp and shrimp with 2 extra shrimp. I had tea for a drink. My tea was not very hot and it was a coffee cup size, no teapot. No refill. The cup had on the opposite side I was drinking from a sticking substance until I didn’t discover until the cup was half empty. We did try to get drink refills but were passed by several servers. Everyone was two busy. Just before we were to leave, our server stopped and we told him our daughter needed a refill. My shrimp was ok. I asked our server if my extra shrimp would be coming and he told me they just put it with the other shrimp. Ok...the chickens pieces we not very good...tough to chew. I don’t think we will be going back anytime soon. 100$ for a disappointing day out with family. I wonder if this will be blamed on COVID too!
Eugenia Lara Martinez
I have been eating at Taku Columbus for a couple years now, and I have never had an issue. Unfortunately I have one today, and it was over Yum Yum sauce. I placed a to-go order and added comments on my order for yum yum sauce (as I have been doing for a couple years), as I pointed out that the order was missing the yum yum, they mentioned that I did not payed for extra, and that if I wanted, I would have to pay for it. There is not a place in the online order page that lets you add that extra sauce (I even double checked after the lady told me it was under sides, and it is not there). It is ironic how the sauce is included with your food when you eat inside of the restaurant, but not when ordering to-go.
Tony Padgett
Chloe, please give me a call so i can get your email address and send you some pricing and the outages that you have on your sign.

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