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Tony Padgett
Chloe, please give me a call so i can get your email address and send you some pricing and the outages that you have on your sign.
Samantha Bushong
My boyfriend and I came in for our anniversary, he ordered the filet and lobster, he got 1.5oz of filet (I have a picture for reference) amd.the noodles looked old and nasty amd.they really were gross and overcooked. The supposed manager took 30% off but didnt understand he did not touch he was extremely unhappy and the food was thrown on his plate with no care. She the swore it was a 6oz steak that was used and they cut up the meat for presentation.. as a chef myself the only person that should cut such an expensive piece of meat is the guest. All the same we now wish we would have went to red lobster for the same thing for the same price but a whole steak and a whole lobster tail. This is not work $32 or even the $22 and change he paid for it. Very disappointing.
Jean Roumeas
Helko We ordered online to go the sushi deluxe with NO Shrimp Order came with a while shrimp roll even though it was written no shrimp on the ticket. Please pay more attention to the notes as allergies are not to be taken lightly. Ticket information server : Lili Station 11 Ticket 73 Created 3/31/21 6:27:36 PM

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